Introducing Hirobe 2.0

This October marked the two-year anniversary of Hirobe, and we thought what better way to mark the occasion than with a facelift. 

While our original branding has served us well over the last two years, as we've grown the team, moved office and weathered a global pandemic (well continuing to) we wanted to give our brand a bit of love too and we've got to say, we're pretty pleased with the result. 

The last two years has seen us work with some incredible brands, on some seriously cool projects, and with some exceptionally talented people. Aside from saying a big thank you to everyone that's been part of our journey so far, we wanted to make sure we were shouting about some of the awesome stuff we get involved with. The first step was the website and our brand - we hope it's pretty clear now what we do and what we're about. Next up on the hit list, our marketing, we're going to be getting you all more involved in what we put out to market and create content that's genuinely going to add value to your hiring process, help you to make career decisions or perhaps even inspire you to try something new. 

Our original goal of helping the world's best businesses hire Adobe talent hasn't changed nor have the core principles we follow to find people, but as our team evolves and the world becomes a slightly different place, you can guarantee we'll be moving with it (check out the latest addition to our process, Hirobe video).

Whatever the next few months bring, there's no mistaking that the last two years have been an interesting journey and we're excited to bring more of you along for the ride for the next two...

- Shaun & Andy

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13th November

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