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Hirobe Video

Create a lasting impression of your brand and streamline your process with video interviewing.

In a candidate-driven market, businesses are having to sell themselves to candidates as much as the other way around. First impressions count, from initial outreach through to first and second interviews, and closing the deal, it's imperative to have a robust and enjoyable process for all parties.

A candidate is 300% more likely to respond to a video job approach.

How can video help?

Increase your chances of talking to top talent

Candidates are more likely to interact with an initial approach about a new role when done via video over a traditional message or email. As part of our search campaigns we create personal, targeted videos to approach the most talented individuals.

Make your prescreen more than a CV

When we find someone amazing, we want you to see how great they are from the off. Instead of trying to get that from a sheet of paper, when we work on retained projects we find out your initial screening criteria upfront and build this into our candidate outreach. Asking questions that you'd normally ask, we're able to provide a short video clip alongside the CV so you get a better feel for the candidate from the very beginning.

Create a slicker, shorter process

We know that an elongated hiring process can result in lost candidates. Conducting interviews over video not only allows you to review the conversation after the fact, but enables you to send the clip to your co-workers or fellow decision makers who can't make the initial meeting. Your team can feedback on an individual faster, making the process better for all parties.

Stand out from your competition

We know that the Adobe market is a candidate's world. There's high demand for experienced professionals so your company needs to make a lasting first impression. having a robust, slick hiring process that includes video not only helps to position you as a progressive company but demonstrates the importance you place on your people and their time from the start.


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